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"Welcome to Xpresionz. Leave your feedback, comments, and random thoughts here! "
Xpresionz team
"I am part of the Youth Council, I think the website is very easy to navigate and will appeal to the youth of Bracknell and beyond "
"I really like the website. I think it looks very modern and its very easy to use. All the information is just the right amount so I wouldn't get bored and I loved the poll. There isn't too much information on a page and I would definately come back here to find out more information. "
"This is a great website, the information on here for all young people to access is informative, yet not too boring at the same time, so I was engaged when looking at the site. Definately a great resource for young people. "
"Really liked the information and advice sections, would be cool to have more photos and maybe a chance to win stuff "