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Text Us,what happens when I text. Youth Work Week

Youth Work Week

Below is a sample of a conversation between a youth worker and young person who text into our sexual health awareness anonymous text line 078600 200 30.


The messages are as they were sent, only changes that have been made are to ensure privacy.


Young Person:

Hello? Is this the Bracknell forest council youth services?


Young Person:

In the mean time I'll just get too the point. I’m currently in a sexual relationship... But I want to stay safe when having sex. Being slightly underage... I just want to know the best and most discreet way off obtaining condoms?


Young Person:

Hi. Is this the Bracknell youth services? I was wondering if you could help me?  

You see I’m under age but in a sexual relationship, I want to make sure we are having safe sex but I am finding it hard to get condoms.

What would be the most discreet way possible?

Also I’m too shy too buy then from any shops. It would be great if you could help! 

Thank you.


Youth Worker:

(1/2) Hi, thanks for your text. The best way to get condoms discretely and for free is to see the team at a drop in. We are in all the schools


Youth Worker:

(2/2) in Bracknell. If you tell us which school you go to we can tell you when we are in


Young Person :

I’m in school in Manchester.


Youth Worker:

(1/2)That's really far away but you will be able to go to your local sexual health service and get condoms for free. If you send us


Youth Worker:

(2/2) the first part of your postcode we can find your nearest sexual health clinic


Young Person:

(sent postcode)


Youth Worker:

(1/3) The nearest clinic that can give out condoms for free is the ***** Clinic - Their address is


Youth Worker:

(2/3) (address supplied) They are open Monday 8:00am - 20:00pm. Tuesday 8:00am - 18:00pm. Wednesday 8:00am - 18:00pm.


Youth Worker:

(3/3)Thursday 8:00am - 18:00pm. Friday 8:00am - 18:00pm. Their number is ***************** if you wanted to ask them anything


Young Person:

Thank you so much!!


Youth Worker:

You're welcome. Thanks for your text. I'm really interested to hear how you heard of our service being so far away from Bracknell?


Young Person:

I received a card when one of your members visited my old school. It’s been in my wallet for quite a while and I forgot about it, until I was digging through my wallet??


Youth Worker:

I'm so pleased it was useful. You've moved really far. Do you know of any youth services around you that may do something similar to us?


Young Person:

Its where I’m Originally from. And no I don't. Do you think you could find out? Please.


Young Person:

Also, if I was to ring the clinic... What should I say?


Youth Worker:

(1/3 )I'm looking for youth services. I'll send what I find. You can call them and say I'm under 16(if you are) and would like to get condoms. Is that possible?


Youth Worker:

(2/3) They would want to make sure you are safe and understand what can go wrong with sex. If you feel nervous perhaps say that


Youth Worker:

(3/3) too so they understand how difficult it might be for you to go.


Young Person:

Ok great! You really have been a great help!


Youth Worker:

(1/2)There is a youth worker in the area that may be able to help with youth specific sexual health services.


Youth Worker :

(2/2)His email is ***********@******** and number is *************. Try that if the clinic isn’t helpful


Young Person:

Thank you. I think I'll try giving him a call. I'll make sure to email him before I do though.

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