Eating disorders

Everybody needs to eat to live - food is a very important part of people's lives. People like different foods and need different amounts of food.

It is important to have a healthy body weight (and a certain amount of body fat) to keep our bodies working.

Some eating patterns can become unhealthy, for example if you eat too much or too little because you are feeling unhappy or stressed. It can be easier to control the way you eat than to cope with painful feelings. Over time, this can become dangerous to your emotional and physical health.

 When eating problems reach a troubling level, specialists use the term eating disorders - the most severe disorders being called anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Eating problems and disorders are not just about food, they are about feelings.

If you think about what you are eating all the time, or if you feel you are not in control of your food, talk to your doctor.