GCSE choices

GCSE choices are important, as what you take can effect what you do later on, especially if you decide to go to university.

GCSEs are a really important part of your education. To carry on in education, or to get work, you need to pass them, especially English and Maths. The GCSEs you take can impact your choice of A-Levels, college, or university.

You will have to take some GSCEs, like maths, science and English, but you will be able to choose some subjects depending on your school.

It’s a good idea to pick subjects you enjoy, and think you will do well in though. Try not to pick subjects based on what your friends are doing, as you may not stay friends and may end up taking a class you are not really interested in.

Your school with give you lots of advice and information about GCSE choices. Talk to your parents about it too. The links on this page may give you more ideas about what you want to take.