Cigarettes are legal although you cannot buy cigarettes under 18. Every year smoking causes around 96,000 deaths in the UK. Every 6 seconds someone in the world dies from smoking.


  • smoking damages your health
  • cigarettes can give you cancer
  • almost half of all people who smoke will die early from lung cancer or a smoking related illness
  • smoking during pregnancy can harm the unborn baby
  • passive smoking can damage the health of non-smokers
  • smoking is becoming socially unacceptable

If you have started smoking the best thing you can do for your health is give up now! If you really want to give up and need some support our youth workers can help.

Where to next?

Further advice

For more information call:

  • CASCADE (counselling and advisory service) Tel: 01753 821789
  • Health Information Service Tel: 0800 665 544

Local advice

For local advice on smoking, you can call Bracknell’s Alcohol and Substance Misuse Youth Workers during office hours:

  • Debbie Coleman 07899063655
  • Bianca Askew-Gallipoli 07825364534